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T.O. and D-Ware on ESPN

Today was Cowboys day on ESPN’s Hotlist. Both Terrell Owens and DeMarcus Ware showed up for interviews – well, they showed up to promote stuff – but did answer questions.

First up was the pod-person. Of course, this being ESPN, most of the questions were about last year, Bill Parcells and how things are different this year. Again, that’s so September 2007. It would have been nice to hear T.O.’s thoughts on being held to 3 catches and 21 yards and what the Lions were doing in coverage. Or maybe get an idea of what he thinks about the Cowboys playoff chances, heck, there was even the layup about playing the Eagles this week, but no, it was mostly about the Tuna. T.O. easily deflected those questions with his new-found anti-media super-powers. Finally they asked him about playing with the enthusiastic Romo on the field and we finally got a decent quote out of T.O. He said Romo plays and acts as old as he looks, which T.O. pegged to be about 11-years old. It was all in good fun, noting Romo’s youthful looks and youthful enthusiasm.

Then T.O. made the smooth transition into promoting the sale of his workout resistance bands. I say smooth, what he actually did was say I want to talk about my resistance bands now. Nice, I like an athlete who knows he’s just up their shilling a product and gets right down to business. T.O. even gave a mini-demonstration with the bands and told us that strength and conditioning coach Joe J. had ordered 20 or so for the guys in the locker room.

DeMarcus Ware came on about an hour later and he didn’t waste anytime in promoting his cause. He wasn’t selling anything, he was pimping some Chunky Soup charity giveaway thing and he had three Chunky soup cans stacked on the table next to him. The ESPN guy had to ask about that right away and then he actually asked some good questions of Ware, all except one. He asked Ware about the roughing penalty against Kitna and whether the war of words played any part and as you would expect Ware said it didn’t. He stated that he couldn’t see the football so he didn’t know whether Kitna had thrown it and he just finished the tackle. He also gave props to Kyle Kosier for the fumble recovery, said the game against Detroit was like a 12-round boxing match and said the loss to New England still sticks in his craw and he would like another shot at them. He also talked about how he and Osi Umenyieora went to high school together and how they have a bet every year about who would get more sacks. He also knew that he was two behind Osi this year and that he wants to beat him. The one bad question was when the ESPN guy asked him if he likes to rush the passer or drop back in coverage. Ware even said that was a crazy question because he loves to rush the passer.

Hey, guess who is joining Sam Hurd on Inside the Huddle tonight? It’s none other than the big man, rather the Bigg man, Leonard Davis. Go here to view the broadcast. The show starts at 9 PM EST, 8 PM CST.

The 2-minute drill is Romo’s domain.

Don Banks loves the Cowboys in the NFC.

Here’s the YouTube clip of the Kenny Mayne Soprano/Sparano parody that ran on ESPN Countdown.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for pointing out the clip.

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