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Our favorite team is coming to town

It’s Wednesday, and just like the team, it’s time to start looking seriously at our next opponent. It’s our good friends from the Northeast, our NFC East brethren, the one and only Philadelphia Eagles. Once upon a time this year someone in Philly said that the road to the NFC East crown goes through Philadelphia. Ahem. Anyway, it appears that the window of opportunity for the current Eagles has shut. They are still mathematically alive in a wild-card hunt, but they know and I know that won’t happen. The window also may be shutting on their recent run of dominance in the NFC. If they tank the rest of this year, expect big changes in that franchise.

According to their media, it isn’t just McNabb, but a whole team that has lost its way.

So you tune out and you turn on the game tape positive that you'll discover it's mostly McNabb's fault that the Eagles managed only 13 points, marking the seventh time in the 10 games he has started and finished that the offense has scored 17 or fewer points.

You look at the Eagles' 12 offensive series. You look at McNabb's 30 passes, three sacks and two scramble runs. You look for the mistakes that have so many convinced it's time to turn the page and bring in the next quarterback.

What do you discover?

It's not all McNabb's fault.

Not even close.

Yikes, game tape never lies. Here’s another columnist stating the problems and then positing the solutions for the Eagles franchise.

But...let’s not get cocky. Last week, some of us got cocky. Bradie James and Terence Newman did, I did, and some of you did. Others didn’t, so they’ll proclaim their greatness in the comments, which in the end will make them cocky, too. But I digress.

It’s the Eagles, and we know that we haven’t played well against them over the last few years, they are in the division and those games can always produce surprising results, and they’re down so they may have that ‘anything goes’ attitude that sometimes springs upsets. And they still have that hyper-aggressive, attacking defense.

And if that’s not enough then I got two words for you – Brian Westbrook. That cat is good and he loves to beat up on our ‘Boys. Goose Gosselin has more on Westbrook and how our linebackers must be ready to play.

While we’re at it, there’s another Cowboys Killer on the Eagles, Lito Sheppard.

Go over to Bleeding Green Nation for your Eagles’ info all week.

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