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Watkins is special, Fergie is sad and the Cowboys make a roster move

A few general blog remarks. It appears that I now have Google ads at the bottom of my first few posts. I know we all hate ads, but we got to pay the bills somehow and this will help. It’s hard earning ad revenue out her in blog-land, every little bit helps. So indulge me and click on them but please don’t send me angry emails or angry comments.

Also, everybody seems so uptight in the comments. According to what I’m reading, some people are too critical of the team, others think some players aren’t criticized enough, others only want to hear good things, and others don’t want to talk about the playoffs or give credit to other teams, or fill in the blank. Chill everybody, we can fit all kinds of discussion in, no need to chastise or rhapsodize about every perceived injustice from another commenter. Discussion and debate are good but there’s no need to wound your fellow Cowboy fan. Remember, when anything comes up that annoys you, just do what Wade does, and say we’re all 12-1. Rock on.

Back to serious news. Pat Watkins is getting it done on special teams. Did you see the punt coverage play against the Lions? They caught the ball at midfield and looked like they had room to run, but Watkins beat two blockers and reversed his direction to make a tackle. That play was feakin’ awesome. In honor of that, he gets some ink.

"Somebody," [Bradie] James said, "needs to write a story about [Watkins]."

OK, he gets some ink because Bradie James says so. Watkins is all about team.

"It's all about a will to really want to," Watkins said. "Just the fact that I love the game so much, that every time on the field I want to make my presence known. In my eyes I don't see special teams as a bad thing. I see it as an opportunity to play."

"It's either that," he smiled, "or be on the bench."

Poor Jason Ferguson. He’s missing out on this incredible season and he hates it. It got so bad that he commiserated with Terry Glenn.

"They don't even miss us," Ferguson remembered joking to Glenn. "We're not worth nothing. We were holding the team back."

Seriously though, you should read Archer’s article. You can really sense the sadness he feels for not being able to play. He can’t even watch them on TV.

"I'm peekaboo with it," Ferguson said. "It's going good, I can watch. Something bad happens and I know I could've helped, I change the channel. I haven't watched a full game yet."

Hat tip to Burt D for posting a diary about the release of Remi Ayodele and the promotion of Alan Ball.

Nick Eatman has more. I think a lot of this has to do with the health of Newman and Henry and the probability of resting them down the stretch.

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