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More on Terry Glenn practicing

Nick Eatman has a little on Terry Glenn’s return to the practice, well, sort of return to practice.

Cowboys associate trainer Britt Brown, who has worked daily with Glenn in his rehab, said on Wednesday that Glenn still might need microfracture surgery down the road, but the veteran receiver has been making progress in his rehab.

During Wednesday's practice, Glenn ran a variety of routes, including stop routes, slants and skinny posts.

Wearing a blue sweatshirt and red Ohio State ball cap, Glenn looked much more fluid on the left side of the offense, where he was able to cut with his left knee. On the right side, Glenn seemed to be running more gingerly, using more steps to come to a complete stop.

The Associated Press has a long article on Glenn’s eventual return.

If there was going to be any drama involving Terrell Owens this week, I felt sure it would have something to do with Philadelphia. Who knew that it would be Keyshawn Johnson as the catalyst? T.O. did a conference call with Philly media today and the best they could get was pod-person T.O.

"I know there are things I probably could've done differently. Overall, I'm content with where I am. I honestly know that everything that was reported when I got suspended there wasn't true. Everything happens for a reason. I feel like I got the better end of the deal."

The media in Philly are amateurs compared with Keyshawn. They need lessons in pot-stirring.

Here’s a little more on Alan Ball.

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