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Early games open thread

This is an open thread for the early games.

Here’s the schedule for today besides the ‘Boys.

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – Now that’s a good football game. Lots of slobber-knocking.
Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Poor Atlanta. Arthur Blank looks so sad. They need a win, go Falcons.
Seattle at Carolina – Carolina is going to start Matt Moore. Cool, go Panthers.
Green Bay at St. Louis - Do us a favor Rams, help us get home-field advantage.
Baltimore at Miami – I can’t decide if I want the Dolphins to win because I feel sorry for them or if I want them to lose because the train-wreck is so entertaining.
NY Jets at New England – Heh.
Arizona at New Orleans – Two teams that still have dreams of a postseason.
Buffalo at Cleveland – It worked the last time, so go Cleveland.
Tennessee at Kansas City – Blah.
Indianapolis at Oakland – Oakland comes up with a big upset. (not really)
Detroit at San Diego – I need the fantasy points, go LT.
Washington at NY Giants – I’m rooting for the Skins, I haven’t forgotten Sean Taylor, and I want to see the Eli face.

Open thread.

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