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Dallas Cowboys blow home game to the Philadelphia Eagles, 10-6

I had basically forgotten how it feels to lose a game. The Cowboys defense was fantastic all day long and deserve nothing but praise for their efforts. The Dallas offense on the other hand was abysmal, and Tony Romo played one of the worst games of his short career. Romo just couldn’t get anything going on the day. Tough break for the young gun, he’ll need to bounce back next week. These final games are going to mean something now that we’re in a tie with the Packers at 12-2. At least we own the tiebreaker.

Then there are the injuries. Andre Gurode, Chris Canty and Pat Watkins were hurt enough to where they couldn’t return to play. Romo nicked his thumb and Jason Witten had a strained neck. But the first three guys looked to have significant injuries; we’ll have to see how they are on Wednesday.

The Philadelphia Eagles deserved to win the game. They made plays when they needed to and as well as our defense played, their defense played better. They won this game fair and square.

Try not to go off the ledge over the loss even though it was very frustrating. We’re still in a good position to get things done this season. Yes, we’re bummed, but we still have a lot to look forward to, as long as Romo and the offense shake off this stinker. Also, let’s hope that Gurode, Canty and Watkins are going to be OK.

Update [2007-12-16 20:39:8 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: The initial feedback on the injuries, courtesy of Jerry Jones via BTB-regular kindablue in the comments.

Says the trainer indicated Romo hand suffered a contusion, and will be "fine".

He said Gurode's injury is "promising" and not as serious as originally thought, although the MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.

Watkins has "an old-fashioned" ankle sprain, and thinks it will heal with some time off.

Canty is "a concern", but hadn't heard anything specific.

Fasano showed no symptoms at halftime, but said he (Fasano) didn't "feel right".  He's been tested for a concussion, and passed.

Take this with a grain of salt.  Jerry's the eternal optimist, but that trail of bodies being helped off the field may not be as bad as we originally thought.

Thanks kindablue, maybe it's not as bad as we feared. We'll wait and see.

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