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Cowboys thin at safety this week

I probably won’t be around the computer much on Tuesday so the posting may be very light. But, if something happens, say we get news on a certain center’s MRI report, or one of our players appeals a suspension or something like that, please post it in a diary. News of the Cowboys must flow 24/7 at BTB.

Roy Williams has the option of appealing his fine.

Williams has the option to file an appeal by phone Tuesday. If the appeal is denied, he will be suspended for the Carolina game and will not be allowed to practice this week with the team.

I’m not sure what he could base his appeal on but I guess he has that option. I know some people believe that this is no big deal or that it will actually help the defense but I in no way subscribe to that theory. Especially when it looks like Pat Watkins won’t be able to play either. I know there is some serious Roy-bashing going on but there is no way I feel more comfortable with Keith Davis or Courtney Brown in the game.

Nick Eatman thinks it would shake out this way with Roy’s suspension and Watkins likely missing the game.

With Williams sidelined, Keith Davis would likely start at strong safety in place of Williams.


On defense, rookie Courtney Brown would replace Watkins in the nickel and dime packages.

I agree, I think that’s the alignment we’ll see on Saturday.

T.O. isn’t pulling a Keyshawn and shouting ‘Just Give Me the Damn Ball!’ or anything, but he would like an effort made to get him back on track after two sub-par games.

"We got to pay attention to detail, and I'm sure the coaches will see that," Owens said Monday morning. "I mentioned it to [receivers coach Ray Sherman]. You know it's not a matter of guys doubling and triple-teaming me. I feel like in certain situations, I can outrun coverage."


"I think it's obvious the last two games, I haven't really moved around," he said. "I'm sure we'll go back to the drawing board and game plan and assess it. We all made some mistakes in the game."

I also thought that they haven’t been putting T.O. in motion as much recently and was going to mention it in the Film Review. It seems like they are using Crayton as the WR in-motion lately.

Tim Cowlishaw says the Cowboys have to get Romo and Barber going to be successful. I know you guys would have never guessed that!

And for a totally non-Cowboys related event, the Miami Dolphins finally won a game. I only bring it up because of this quote from Jason Taylor.

"I love you guys! [Bleep], I'm gonna start crying.''

Miami defensive end Jason Taylor, to his teammates in the Miami locker room after the Dolphins won their first game of the year.

That’s one happy dude.

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