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Cowboys sign FB to 53-man roster

The Cowboys brought in someone new for the 53-man roster. That hasn’t happened a lot this year. The lucky football player is none other than Zack Crockett, famed vulture of 1-yard TD’s in fantasy leagues everywhere.

After remaining pretty static on the 53-man roster all year, the Cowboys have made another move, claiming veteran running back Zack Crockett off waivers to fill the temporary open roster spot created by Roy Williams' one-game suspension for last Sunday's horse-collar tackle.

They must want a look and then decide if they want to keep him for the playoffs. He’s not going to be ready this week so they are looking down the road. If he stays, someone goes.

Hat tip to dunkman for posting the news here.

T.O.’s talking, and people are listening. Other Cowboys players have been a little chirpy over the past few weeks, too. Things are getting just a touch chaotic out at the Ranch for my tastes. I like to see Wade gather the team and remind them this is about football, not all that outside stuff. That way, we don’t have to suffer through a publicist telling us it’s all a joke.

Matt Mosley has gone Cowboy crazy over at Hashmarks.

I forgot to post about the Inside the Huddle show on Tuesday. Sam Hurd hosted and Greg Ellis was the guest. Check out the archived version here.

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