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Sunday games open thread

The one benefit of the Cowboys not playing on Sunday is we can we give the rest of the league our full attention. So here are my thoughts on the rest of the games this week.

Houston @ Tennessee – The Vince Young bandwagon is close to throwing an axle. Has anybody earned themselves more money this year than Albert Haynesworth? If he plays their defense rocks, without him, they stink.
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis – Now this is a great matchup. I’ve got to root for the Jags, I like upsets and I love me some Pocket Hercules - Maurice Jones-Drew.
San Diego @ Kansas City – I need the fantasy points from LT, go Chargers.
Atlanta @ St. Louis – I’d rather watch a WNBA game.
New York Jets @ Miami – Wow, what a stink-bomb. Miami deserved the win against Pittsburgh last week, so I’m rooting for the Fish. Errr...Mammals.
Detroit @ Minnesota – I only care because we play the Lions next week.
Seattle @ Philadelphia – I can only root for Philthy when they can helps us with playoff position or when they are trying to upset the Patriots. Neither truly applies this week so the Seahawks get my love.
Buffalo @ Washington – Seriously, in honor of Sean Taylor: Hail to the Redskins.
San Francisco @ Carolina – The Panthers stink at home.
Cleveland @ Arizona – I’ve been rooting all year against the Browns and it hasn’t worked. This week, we should all root for the Browns and maybe they’ll lose.
Denver @ Oakland – Don’t care.
New York Giants @ Chicago – It would be just fine with me if we got the whole "NFC East champion" thing out of the way. Go Bears.
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans – Couldn’t care less.
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh – After seeing the playing surface that Pittsburgh provided for the game against Miami, I can’t give them any love.
New England @ Baltimore – I can’t wait for the Patriots to lose a game. Let it be this week, please.

Did you guys see a noticeably subdued Patrick Crayton on ESPN? I was wondering what he was going to say, but he gave the clichés by the book. Maybe T.O. gave him a lesson in dealing with the media. Ha! Who would ever believe that you could say that – or for that matter, even think it?

Open thread for the Sunday games.

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