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Terry Glenn will not play Saturday

Terry Glenn isn’t ready to get back on the field yet. We’ll have to wait another week and see if he can get some game reps in against the Redskins. The DMN blog reports.

WR Terry Glenn will not make the trip to Charlotte for Saturday night's game against the Panthers.

He was at practice today, but was largely inactive for the portion open to the media. Before practice, coach Wade Phillips said that the team would make its determination based on what it saw at the workout, and that evidently wasn't enough to warrant Glenn playing in the game.

Hat tip to BTB-regular coolaid for posting the news in this diary.

Todd Archer says the success of the Cowboys isn’t just the players. And not just Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett either. He gives some love to Tony Sparano:

The assistant head coach in charge of the offensive line is the most overlooked person in this run. What does it say about his ability to coach three players who were named Pro Bowl starters? Sparano goes about his work quietly but effectively. The players love him. He makes them work hard and get the most out of his ability. He knows how to push and prod without demeaning. It's a quality all of the top coaches have.

Or how about Jeff Ireland?

Since he has become the vice president of pro and college scouting, the Cowboys have drafted three Pro Bowlers (Ware, Barber and Folk) and found players since re-signed to long-term deals, like Jay Ratliff. Drafting Folk took some guts, especially when he wasn't considered the top prospect available at the time. But a kicker himself at Baylor, Ireland liked Folk's strong leg and his ability to kick it straight.

OK, time for my mea culpa. I was incredulous when we drafted a kicker, some guy named Nick Folk, in the 6th round. Nice call, Grizz. Here’s to Jeff Ireland and Nick Folk for their contributions to the Cowboys success this year. Folkin-A!

Oh yeah, Stephen Jones gets a shot of love in the article, too. He has been a wiz at signing players at reasonable prices.

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