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Cowboys random articles

Christmas shopping, out-of-town guests, changing ISP’s, the Cowboys having a mini-soap opera, Roy Williams, I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Err...too much information? What I’m trying to say is this week has been busy, and with holiday travel still looming, the blog may be a little slow on new content over the next week. We’ll have a regular gameday, but the days after that I’ll be traveling, so you guys will have to pick up the slack.

Here’s some reading material.

Here’s a story on Terry Glenn and how much he wants to play this year.

"He's got that itch," receiver Patrick Crayton said. "You can kinda see it in him and the way he bounces around. He's lively and bubbly; you can sense he's trying to come back as quickly as possible."

Maybe next week.

The Romo legend all began last year with his comeback win over the Panthers. Stroll down memory lane.

Bill Simmons can’t believe how many QB’s have been used this year. So he breaks them down. He put Brady and Manning in the franchise class and wanted to include Romo, but couldn’t.

Comments: I thought about including Tony Romo in this group, but two things held me back: his propensity for the occasional robo-stinker (like the Buffalo and Philly games this season), and his much-ballyhooed, semi-inexplicable romance with Jessica Simpson that inspired nearly 700 "she's like Kim Basinger's character in 'The Natural'" e-mails in my mailbox last weekend.

He put Romo in The Playmaker section.

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