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Cowboys win a hard-fought game over Panthers 20-13, T.O. injured

I’m satisfied with that win. It wasn’t the offensive juggernaut for the whole game that I hoped for, although when Terrell Owens was playing we moved the ball and put 17 points on the board. We also ran the ball well. Going on the road in the NFL is never easy and coming away with a win after losing your star receiver is a show of character. We had a few bad patches on offense where we left points on the board but the big problem was the loss of T.O.

Hot topics:

Tony Romo’s thumb – It looks like he’s OK with the thumb. He threw the ball well and was pretty accurate. It didn’t look like he was having any problems to me, so I’m putting that one to bed unless something pops up this week.

Terrell Owens’ ankle – Yikes. We really, really need the Bears to beat the Packers this week so we don’t have to worry about it next weekend. If we need a win next week and have to go without T.O., I am worried. One good thing, T.O. is a fast healer with his super-duper hyperbolic chamber and all. We need him full-strength for the playoffs.

MB3 – What a great game. The Cowboys need to quit messing around and give MB3 the ball. He was a man on a mission and he performed like a Pro-Bowler.

The defense – Except for some problems handling Steve Smith, they played well. We had issues getting pressure early but turned it on in the second half. Our front seven dominated their line.

Offensive line – Romo wasn’t sacked. MB3 went over 100 yards. That says it all. Nice job for Cory Procter, too. Besides the penalty, he did a good job.

Some recaps:


Box score

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