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Cowboys receive early X-mas present: Home-field advantage

Who would have thunk it? The Bears rise up and smack the Packers around, thereby dropping an early Christmas gift down the chimney at Valley Ranch.

The Cowboys know they've got one more road game to go, playing next Sunday at Washington in the regular-season finale.

But if there's another road trip after that, it can only be to Arizona - the site of Super Bowl XLII.

For the first time since 1995, the Cowboys have wrapped up home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs thanks to their 20-13 win over the Panthers on Saturday, coupled with Green Bay's 35-7 loss to the Bears Sunday at Solider Field.

The home-field advantage is nice but more importantly we can rest anybody who needs rest for the playoffs. T.O., Gurode, Newman, Watkins and some others will probably sit out the game. They will probably give Tony Romo most of the game off, if not the whole thing. No need to risk anything.

How in the world did the Redskins work themselves back into playoff contention? I’ve got to tip my hat to those guys after what happened with Sean Taylor. All they have to do is beat us on Sunday to get in the playoffs and with us resting players and protecting players, they stand a fair chance of getting that done. It will be interesting to see just how much Wade Phillips will go after a win and try to keep some integrity to the game or whether he’ll just say forget it, we need to worry about the playoffs. My guess is it will be a lot of the latter.

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