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Cowboys brass happy for what has been achieved; but want more

The Cowboys brain-trust issued statements after wrapping up home-field advantage yesterday.

"What we have accomplished to this point is the result of a great effort by our players and coaches," [Wade] Phillips said in a prepared statement. "They've earned everything that they have achieved this year. We still have a lot of work to do. Securing the home field is important, but our guys understand that we have to continue to take care of business one week at a time. We look forward to the next game on Sunday and playing in front of our home fans in January."


"I am particularly pleased for the Dallas Cowboys fans who have given us so much support," [Jerry] Jones said. "They are truly deserving of being able to share in the experience of bringing NFL playoff football back to Texas Stadium. We know that our home crowd will make a positive difference in the outcome of our games in January."

Peter King in his MMQB article has a few Cowboys items. First, he compliments Jeff Ireland for the work he’s done in Dallas, but reminds us that Jerry has final say.

(To be fair, Dallas owner Jerry Jones has the final say on the draft and in free agency and has had a smart season. Jones deserves a couple of pats on the back for ignoring geniuses like me who told him paying underachieving ex-Cardinal tackle Leonard Davis big dough to play guard was stupid. Now Davis, deservedly, is going to the Pro Bowl.)

King also goes into detail about Parcells and whether he will be able to hire Ireland (or someone like him) without the Cowboys having a chance to block it. King actually got a call back from the Tuna where he tried to clarify things by reading his contract to King. It’s interesting stuff, go read it.

The NFL has warned Roy not to be naughty anymore.

The NFL, in a letter, told the Cowboys strong safety that increased discipline is possible if he commits another horse-collar tackle.

Williams missed Saturday's game at Carolina because he was serving a one-game suspension after being penalized for an illegal horse-collar tackle.

If Williams is flagged again, he could receive a two-game suspension, including playoff games.

Speaking of flagged hits, the Tank Johnson call for roughing the passer looked like a bad call to me. Watching the replay, it looks like Tank got mostly shoulder pad and Moore appears to duck his head a little bit to absorb the hit. Even Moore wasn’t sure.

"I thought he got me in the chest," Moore said. "He might have hit me in the chin. It was a pretty big hit."

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