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Merry Christmas from BTB

I finally got to listen to Wade’s press conference today and while there won’t be a recap, I did take away a few thoughts. Wade isn’t going to play anybody who is even slightly injured or needs time to heal. Guys like T.O. and Gurode won’t see the field at all. Other guys like Watkins, Newman and Ratliff and anybody else who could benefit from some downtime might not see much action at all, a couple of them might be inactive.

Wade is going to try and win the game with the players who do play but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to risk anything and that’s just smart football. He noted that the last three representatives in the Super Bowl from the NFC lost their last games, so while he wants to win, he’s not going to do anything to risk the playoffs. Good call Wade, my hope is that he’ll err on the side of caution.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Brad Johnson take a majority of the snaps either. From watching the game on Saturday I think Romo is healed from the thumb injury, I didn’t see it affect his play much at all. He played well in my opinion and threw the ball accurately and with power. I don’t see a reason to jeopardize his health by playing him the entire game or even most of it.

It would also be a good opportunity to see guys like Courtney Brown, Alan Ball and some of the reserve linemen get a chance. Maybe Bobby Carpenter can get some serious playing time, too. Anthony Spencer should get some playing time spelling Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware. I'd also like to see Isaiah Stanback get some action.

Coach also noted that Keith Davis had a good pass breakup but missed a few tackles that he should have made. That’s pretty much what I saw out of Davis. His and Watkins' absence on special teams hurt us on kick coverage.

In other news, the Cowboys cut Zack Crockett to make room for Roy Williams’ return. Coach basically said they wanted to get a look at him in case they needed a second fullback since we’ve been operating with only one for the last few weeks.

Terry Glenn sounds like he might finally play. Here’s what Wade said about him.

"He ran a lot of go routes after we did his workout, 10 or 15 in a row, and some other routes. It was encouraging," Phillips said. "That's why I'm encouraged enough to say maybe this week we're going to see him on the field."

That does sound encouraging, it would be nice for him to get a few reps in before the playoffs.

The DMN has a long Q&A with Jerry Jones, here.

And finally, Merry Christmas everyone. I sure do appreciate everyone’s support at BTB and all of the great commentary we got going on here. It’s been a fantastic season so far and the playoffs are just around the corner. Maybe the New Year will bring us what we really want, another Lombardi Trophy.

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