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Cowboys close to locking up Patrick Crayton

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The Cowboys are close to locking up one of their offensive weapons. Word is that Dallas and WR Patrick Crayton are very close to finalizing a deal that will keep Crayton off the open market. blog, here.

And now it appears wide receiver Patrick Crayton is getting close to a contract extension. The fourth-year pro, who is expected to become an unrestricted free agent in the off-season, said on Thursday he is hopeful to get a deal done in the near future, possibly as early as this week.

"Hopefully pretty soon," Crayton said. "This is exactly where I want to be."

DMN blog, here.

Plus, odds are that Crayton will never become an unrestricted free agent. Superstar columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor mentioned earlier this week that the Cowboys are negotiating a long-term deal with Crayton's agent that would include a signing bonus of at least $5.5 million. Crayton said today that the deal would hopefully be done pretty soon.

I like this signing, assuming it happens. Crayton has been a valuable WR and has put up some nice numbers supporting Witten and Owens. He has the hands and the ability to be a solid #2 WR. I hope they finalize it soon.

Hat tip to kingbillito for the news posted in a diary, here.