Williams says he might horse collar tackle again

In an article by Clarence E. Hill, Jr, Roy Williams was quoted as saying he doesn't vow to never horse collar a player again .

Williams is remorseful because he made "a costly mistake" that took him away from the game he loves.

He understands how serious the NFL views the horse-collar tackle and readily aware that another transgression could result in a longer suspension.

But he stopped short of vowing that it would not happen again.

"It’s going to be on my mind," Williams said. "I’m going to think about it. But I can’t change the way I play. We will see what happens if I get put in that situation again.

"I am going to get talked about either way," Williams continued facetiously. "If I miss the tackle, it will be another thing people say I can’t do."

Just as I suspected, this mode of tackling people is so ingrained in the way Williams plays football, I definitely see him tackling that way again. I just hope it doesn't cost us a penalty at a crucial time in the playoffs.

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