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NFC East crown still elusive, next Sunday could be the answer

We didn’t get what we wanted today and that was the NFC East crown, which, most definitely does not go through Philadelphia, sorry Donovan McNabb. I guess we’ll just have to go out and earn it the old-fashioned way, with a win next week. I admit, it wasn't just for the NFC East title that I wanted the Giants to lose today. It was as much for the thrill of watching the Giants collapse again this year and watching a New York media meltdown with Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin as central players in the drama. Maybe they’ll oblige us and start the collapse this coming Sunday.

Basically, the Cowboys would have to lose all four remaining games and the Giants would have to win them all for us to not get the NFC East crown. I think that’s a highly unlikely scenario. Yes, that was sarcasm. Nick Eatman has the rundown on all the facts and figures, here. So next week, against the Lions, we can secure something we haven’t had in a while and start the finishing drive towards home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Speaking of the Lions, they got absolutely plastered by the Vikings today. Naturally, the Detroit press is getting restless and one columnist suggests this strategy for a Detroit win next week.

Next week the Lions host Dallas. It’s one NFL game, anything can happen, the moon could crash into the earth at any moment, etc. Right. I can think of only one way for the Lions to beat the Cowboys: if Dallas quarterback Tony Romo steps to the line of scrimmage, looks at the Lions secondary, salivates wildly and chokes on his tongue.

Dude, that’s pretty gross. But there's one guy who I hope gets hit so hard this coming Sunday that he swallows his tongue and the probability we’ll see a lot of him just increased. Lions receiver Roy Williams got hurt today and his status for next week's game is unknown. That means we could see a lot more of another Lions’ WR and I’m not talking about my main man CJ.

If [Roy] Williams can't play against the Dallas Cowboys next week, Mike Furrey (who had seven catches for 57 yards replacing Williams on Sunday) likely would start in his place.

Oh yeah, don’t think I’ve forgotten about how you broke the star in Dallas last year.

Payback is a...well, payback is a well-placed slobber-knocker by a Cowboys defender causing Tweety birds and stars to encircle one's head. We’ll be looking for you on Sunday, Mr. Furrey.

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