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Early games open thread

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Open thread for the early games.

I just heard on NFL Countdown from Mort that the Falcons will ask the Cowboys for permission to speak to Jason Garrett about their head-coaching position. Don’t freak yet, a few other guys were on the list and Mike Singletary has expressed his interest, he interviewed with them last year. But, it’s begun. Teams will be sniffing around seeing what they can lift from this year’s Cowboys; 13-2 will get you that.

Update [2007-12-30 12:0:17 by Dave Halprin (Grizz)]: Deke has a diary on this, he let's us know that Rex Ryan from the Ravens and Jim Caldwell from the Colts are also candidates. standard preview of the Cowboys/Redskins.

Cowlishaw has some thoughts about the Cowboys.

The DFW S-T has a list of individual achievements that are in range; ones beyond Romo, Witten and MB3.  

This is an open thread for the early games.