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Dallas Cowboys crushed by Washington Redskins, 27-6

Well, there’s not much need of a recap for this one. Let me sum it up this way – Dallas was awful, the Redskins were dominant.

We got our bootays handed to us. Time to put this one in the trash compactor and move on to the serious business of the playoffs. Feel free to blow off some steam if you need to in this thread but try to keep your heads. Wait until the playoffs before jumping off the bandwagon. Sure, we’ve been playing mediocre ball over the last few weeks, but I’m keeping the faith. Once the playoffs begin, you never know how teams will play.

Yeah, I wanted us to play better. I don’t like watching us play like that but the playoffs are a different thing altogether. We had nothing to play for and we didn’t have some of our better players in the game. Washington had everything to play for and they were at home, so I expected them to play well. And they did, very well.

I’m concerned, but I still believe we will play well in the playoffs.

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