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Wade Phillips press conference 12/31/07

Ed. note - Today’s press conference was amusing. Try as the press might, they couldn’t get Wade to go down the path of December swoon, no momentum, or the team is playing bad. It was all 13-3 for Wade. So I shortened the Q&A to paraphrase Wade’s answers.

Wade: We came through no injuries. Keith Davis was banged up but he is fine, some of the guys like Ratliff and Newman, those guys should practice this week. Gurode is a little iffy but we expect him to play in two weeks. Terrell is in a boot but we feel good about him playing. It looks like we’ll be healthy. We had a tremendous year, we accomplished all our goals, it’s new season now.

Will Newman be close to 100%?
He could have played the way he did the last few games, we just though another 3 weeks would be better.

Terry Glenn?
He came through OK, he got banged up a little and that was good for him, that’s what we wanted. We also wanted better field conditions, but he got into the action and got banged up a couple of times. That gave us and him confidence for the playoffs.

Did you think Landry’s hit was late or cheap?
No, on tape he is going for the ball on the ground and then he slid.

More Glenn?
Going into the game we wanted to throw him the football, get it to him some, it was hard to throw the ball anyways. We saw the weather conditions, but wanted to get him action and that was a real positive. The big part was getting banged around some and he moved well.

Concerned about your teams play down the stretch?

Take the whole season into account.

But what about momentum?

Disappointed in your team’s play lately?
Take the whole season into account.

Why is JJ’s production down this year?
Our other back had nearly 1,000 yards. We use two backs and one gets more than the other. Put them both together and you get a lot of yards.

Tony Sparano and Jason Garrett?
We may have some guys interviewed and that’s great, several guys could be good coaches. That’s part of being 13-3, others think we’re successful. We have a bye, if they are interviewed they are open to do it. (Sparano?) Outstanding coach, he’s got all the attributes of a head coach, works well with people, his players play for him, that’s important. Sharp guy with X’s and O’s and would work well putting a staff together.

Tank Johnson?
Played pretty well, he did some things. Would like to have Ratliff to alternate. Tank’s getting better and better, he made some real good plays.

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