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Jon Kitna: Equal opportunity offender

We’ve been all over the Jon Kitna comments after last year’s game where the QB, who by the way, has never won anything of significance in the NFL and has played on some really bad teams, called out the Cowboys defense. But if you thought that was the end of the story, fear not, because Kitna can even tick-off his own team.

After the Lions got destroyed by the Vikings and Purple Jesus, Kitna made a comment about his team that didn’t go over so well with teammates.

After the Lions suffered their fourth straight loss, 42-10 Sunday at Minnesota, quarterback Jon Kitna -- a team captain -- said: "We don't have a lot of people in our boat right now."

Asked whether he meant that all his teammates weren't rowing in the same direction, he said: "No question."

Well, all his teammates weren't going in that direction Monday.

"Jon Kitna's comments is his comments," said defensive tackle Cory Redding, another team captain. "Period."

Nice. Maybe Bradie James won’t have to worry about whacking Kitna on Sunday, perhaps there will be an inside job by the Lions’ defense during practice this week. For a guy who hasn’t really done a whole lot in the NFL, Kitna sure has a big mouth.

But wait, there’s more. If you act now, you can get a bonus comment from WR Roy Williams in this Q&A.

Are there loafers on this team?

There’s not on the offensive side of the ball. Coach is a defensive guy, so when he talks, he predominantly talks about the defense -- the defensive line. Offensively, after watching the film, there are no loafers on offense. The wide receivers are running. The offensive line did an OK job. We just put 10 points on the board, but there’s no loafs on the offensive side.

Hello! Did Williams just call out his defense? Notice the "not on the offensive side of the ball" comments. Wow, this is a team that is ready to have their own intra-squad scrimmage death-match.

And just so the defense has an issue to rally around in the intra-squad scrimmage, check out this stat about the Lions’ offense.

Here’s a fun stat: Detroit is now 0-27 on third down conversions of longer than ten yards since the beginning of October, not exactly making big plays out of tough spots.

We better win this game.

JJT pens a love-letter to DeMarcus Ware.

I was reading this article by the Breerman because it was supposed t have information about Terry Glenn’s eventual return. It turns out that we still have no idea if and when that return might happen. But it was the following blurb later in the article that caught my eye.

Cowboys wide receivers coach Ray Sherman is a candidate for the vacant Washington State head coaching position, according to The Spokesman-Review of Spokane, Wash.

Sherman said he hadn't spoken to anyone at the school and didn't know anything about the report.

Noooo! The T.O. Whisperer can’t leave. Who knows what kind of chaos could ensue?

Jerry Jones gets much love from Clarence E. Hill, Jr. in this article. It re-hashes all the great GM moves Jerry has made recently but his biggest move may be yet to come.

Regarding talk that [Jason] Garrett will be a head-coaching candidate in the off-season, Jones said, "For him to have that kind of recognition, it means we have done well. I went a long way out of the way to get him. I am not going to just [let him go]."

Don’t let him go, Jerry. Open up the piggy-bank and make Garrett a happy man.

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