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Ken Hamlin in the Cowboys long-term plans

The Cowboys took a chance when they signed Ken Hamlin in the offseason. His play the previous year was so-so as he tried to recover from the head injury he suffered off the field in Seattle. I liked the move when it was made because before the injury he was one of the better young safeties in the league. If he had recovered from his injury I thought he could be a major contributor. But, I admit, I didn’t think he would help us as much as he has done this season. He’s the QB back there and has helped to stabilize what was a porous secondary.

The Cowboys weren’t so sure themselves just how Hamlin would play so they signed him to a relatively cheap one-year deal. Well, Jerry Jones has seen enough and wants to get Hamlin signed to a long-term deal. Luckily, his agent is someone the Cowboys have dealt with before and it turned out well.

The Cowboys have a good relationship with Hamlin's agent, Kennard McGuire. He helped broker a six-year, $30 million contract with a $10 million signing bonus for center Andre Gurode in the off-season.

The Cowboys haven't opened talks with Hamlin's agent yet.

Not yet, but soon, Jerry and Stephen will get ‘er done, and the Cowboys will have their free safety for the future. Nice job in picking up some good talent on the cheap, Jerry. Now, it’s time to pay the man the money he deserves.

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