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Greg Ellis defying age and injury

I said a couple of weeks ago that Greg Ellis was playing the best ball of his career. It’s hard to believe considering his age and the fact that he’s coming off an Achilles injury. But the stats and the impact of his play don’t lie. Even Ellis thinks he’s playing his best ball ever.

More important, Ellis has never played better than he has this year. And the 10th-year veteran himself can even admit that.

"No, I think this has been my best year that I can remember," Ellis said. "Yeah, without a doubt. I don't know exactly why. And I really can't say that I expected all of this. But I'll take it."

We’ll take it, too. I’m not going to try and revise history here and say that I wasn’t a little perturbed with Ellis’ stance in the past couple of offseasons, especially since he suddenly got back on the field this year when Jerry agreed to give him a few more ducats. But, I’m saying now – it's water under the bridge, Greg. Yes, I’m that easily bought off. Give me 10.5 sacks in a little over a half a season and I’ll shut my own motor-mouth.

More Ellis here.

Remember that guy who we drafted in the first round this year and who played a little bit before Greg Ellis came back? What was his name? I kid! Anthony Spencer is going to be a good one down the road but right now he must serve an apprenticeship under Ellis.

OLB Anthony Spencer estimated he was in on 12 defensive snaps against the Packers, far fewer than he saw earlier in the year while he was starting six games in place of Greg Ellis. "It's a team game, and I'm going to do whatever I can to help out wherever I can," said Spencer, who's also serving on the kickoff, kickoff return and punt teams. "I'm still learning a lot of stuff. I've got good people in front of me, so I'm not worried about it too much."

Good attitude and someday we’ll be singing your praises, too.

Brad Sham says Wade is Mr. Fix-It after all.

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but apparently Jon Kitna said some stuff about the Cowboys and the Cowboys said some stuff back. Did any of you guys hear about that?

Here’s your Tony Romo gossip item of the day. TR likes PDA and picking up the check.

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