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Dallas Cowboys pull off a miracle, beat Detroit Lions 28-27

That Tony Romo kid is pretty good. Wow, I’m spent; I feel like I just played in that game. There is now way I can write a proper recap right now. But I will single out a few heroes.

Tony Romo for obvious reasons.

Jason Witten for having a monster game and saving our bacon, and his own, after he fumbled at the one-foot line.

Marion Barber was the TD machine once again.

And finally, Kyle Kosier for falling on the Romo fumble after the Lions defender kicked it.

We are the NFC East champions. We are 12-1 and we kept a two game lead on home-field in the playoffs. Yeah, our defense stunk and that will have to be addressed, but at least we won.

All credit to the Detroit Lions. They played a great game and were much more physical than we were on the day. I kind of dogged them in my pre-game write-ups but they earned my respect today.

Woo hoo! We won.

Celebrate on this thread.

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