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Rivera talks Cowboys, San Fran higher new defensive coordinator

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JJT's latest column focuses on the Super Bowl delay for the Cowboys coaching search and how it's a good thing.
In this case, I agree with JJT. Jerry Jones seems to be doing a thorough job of interviewing available candidates and isn't making decisions based on his immediate feeling about a candidate, but is taking his time in choosing after careful deliberation. He may have had a strong preference going in, but he's letting the interview process unfold and may even look to interview more candidates after Sunday, like Ron Rivera, and possibly Jim Caldwell.

Mike Singletary's name is still out there, and he's got another reason to want to join the Cowboys in some capacity.

The San Francisco 49ers hired San Diego linebackers coach Greg Manusky as their defensive coordinator Thursday.


Nolan chose Manusky over Jaguars assistant Dave Campo, former Lions assistant Donnie Henderson and 49ers assistant head coach Mike Singletary, who is a candidate to fill the Dallas Cowboys' head coaching vacancy.

If Jerry isn't ready to give Singletary the head coach position, I think he should still pursue the idea of hiring Singletary as defensive coordinator. I know the 49ers don't want to let him go, but if you're not promoting him, and he truly wants to leave for Texas, then there is always a way to work that out.

Meanwhile, the other defensive coordinator/head coach candidate just found out about his name being mentioned today. Ron Rivera had this to say this morning:

"My wife called me and said, `Hey I heard this.' I said `OK, I haven't heard anything.' This morning I got up, I went on the internet, I did see it. She called me last night at about 4:30 a.m. and I saw it this morning at about 7:00. It's a little frustrating because you can't talk to anybody in the same respect. I'm here, my focus is Indianapolis, and that's the exciting part about it."

It's strange how interrelated our coaching search is, almost incestuous. Singletary and Turner both work in San Fran, and Singletary and Ron Rivera were both former linebackers on that great Bears' team of the 80's.  Norv Turner's brother is the offensive coordinator for the Bears who coaches with Ron Rivera. Singletary and Phillips are both Texas natives and Turner was a former Cowboys coach and Jason Garrett was a former Cowboys' player. So either you have to be from Texas, or a coach with either Dallas, San Fran or Chicago to be considered.

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