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Phillips goes home for weekend, but still working

That was a busy couple of days, but now the weekend is here, and even new coach Wade Phillips is heading home.

Phillips left for San Diego on Friday afternoon and will be back in the office Monday.

He's got to clean out his office in San Diego, collect up a few things and get back to work, all over the weekend. He's also been working the phones.

Ted Cottrell, who was Phillips' defensive coordinator in Buffalo and works in the league office, has contacted Phillips recently. Phillips' son, Wes, who is the quarterbacks coach at Baylor, could join the team as a quality control coach, but San Diego and Cleveland have expressed interest as well.

"We might have to hurry to get him, although his momma could talk him into coming here," Phillips said.

Ted Cottrell is a highly respected defensive coordinator who was also mentioned as a head coach candidate for a few jobs over the years. He most recently was in Minnesota as their defensive coordinator before Brad Childress took over last year and he was let go. He was the DC for the Jets and the Bills (with Wade) before that, and could be a nice fit in Dallas. He already knows Phillips' version of the 3-4 and comes with a solid reputation.

Phillips talked about his plans for the staff in general terms today.

"Talked to the coaches here today," Phillips said. "I can't tell them everything right now because we don't have everything together. But I did visit with them. We're just trying to get a staff together. That's my first priority. That's what we're in the process of doing."


"But I don't want a huge staff. Some teams are in the 20s and have two at every position. I want all of us to have a common goal and a common purpose. I think we can get it done. And they didn't have a huge staff here. It will be similar to what's been here."

The Cowboys had 14 coaches under contract last season, including Bill Parcells.

He wants a mix of new talent plus some coaches who have been with the team before.
"What happens with a complete new staff, and I have been through it both ways . . . when a new staff comes in and they don't know the players at all; they make the same mistakes on the players," Phillips said. "In other words they go out and see a guy in shorts and say, 'This guy is great. I don't know why they wouldn't play him.' And then about the middle of the year and he can't do this and can't do that, they see why he wasn't playing. Or vice versa, (like) there is potential in this guy you don't know. So any insight helps."

DeMarcus Ware can't get enough of Wade Phillips.

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