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Meet Wade Phillips

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For some background and history of Wade Phillips, I recommend these two articles:

Mac Engel gives you 10 things you might not have known about Phillips.

The DMN does a long profile of Phillips.

I saw some of Tony Romo's play in the Pro Bowl and it reminded me of Romo's play in the regular season. A very slow start, followed by putting his team in position to win, but said team loses. On the serious tip, Romo was doing the same things in that game that cost him in Dallas last year. He was holding onto the ball for much too long in the pocket while trying to find a receiver. He was holding it a little loose back there. Jason Garrett has got to get the internal clock working in Romo's head to get rid of the ball. Since it was an exhibition, he didn't get clobbered (like that punter did when Sean Taylor hit him, ouch), but it's a bad habit he needs to break. Ball security is priority number one with Romo this offseason.