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Chatting about the Boys

JJT chat at the DMN:

bigcat: What do you think about Todd Bowles as the defensive coordinator?
Jean-Jacques Taylor: Sign him up. The players like and respect him. He has a good understanding for schemes and the players talk about the way he breaks down the game makes it easier for them to understand their assignments. Plus, he's essentially hand-picked by Parcells. He can take what he's learned from Parcells and will learn from Wade Phillips and maximize this team's defensive personnel.

I don't know what to think about Bowles, considering how tightly under wraps Parcells kept things at Valley Ranch. Plenty of players on defense are supporting him, Parcells, I'm sure, gave his endorsement, and Jerry seems to like him, too. If Wade gets a different coordinator that would be a big sign of how much authority Jerry is going to give him. But the reverse isn't necessarily true, if they hire Bowles as DC, Phillips might have come to the conclusion he could do the job, so it wouldn't necessarily be Jerry forcing Bowles on Phillips.  
ou1248: Do you think that Dallas will spend another first-round pick on defense, or do you think this time they will try to add some weapons for Romo?
Jean-Jacques Taylor: Given how many first-round picks and money the Cowboys have spent in free agency on defensive players, it would seem like now is a good time to invest in an offensive lineman, who can come in and start. Then again, a free safety wouldn't be a bad idea. The Cowboys have enough weapons. They need some linemen.

Everybody's talking about a free safety, but the Cowboys have options on their team right now. Pat Watkins has become a forgotten name. I'll give you the fact that he was shaky in his rookie year, but toward the end of the season he looked like he was starting to get it. He has the physical tools for the job, but he lacked confidence after getting burned a few times early and he seemed unsure about how to read the offense. I'm not positive, but the Cowboys could be betting that in his second year Watkins can make the leap to solid starter. Then there's the Anthony Henry situation. He could move over but that would require acquiring a starter to replace him, because Aaron Glenn isn't the man for the job. In that case, we wouldn't be drafting a free safety high in the draft but a corner. Then again, free agency will tell us a lot about who we're going to draft.
Craig: What changes do you see coming on the Cowboys offensive line?
Jean-Jacques Taylor: If it were me, I'd have a new right tackle and a new right guard and I'd be looking for a new left tackle to replace Flozell Adams at the end of next season. And I would pay Andre Gurode before the price goes through the roof. You need a dominant offensive line to win. The Cowboys have some work to do.

I'm not sure what JJT is talking about in this one. I get the new right guard - we've all been calling for Marco Rivera's release. But what's up with replacing Marc Colombo? He was pretty solid along the line this year and has the size and toughness you want in a tackle. Plus, he still has upside as he gets some playing time. He's only one year removed from sitting out those couple of years from injury. I see potential for an even better year from Colombo. I agree with signing Andre Gurode, and I wouldn't mind seeing some competition for Adams, but I'm still not convinced we can find a better replacement.

JFE today:

What had me chuckling was this Buffalonian belief that Phillips is a joke because he failed to take advantage of Super Bowl-caliber talent in his Bills tenure. Or, as Sullivan noted: "I'm sorry, those teams were loaded. It didn't take a Vince Lombardi to produce a winning record."

Sorry, Jerry, we know loaded in Dallas and Doug Flutie-Antowain Smith-Eric Moulds barely qualifies as halfcocked. So please, spare us your sympathy.

Me, yesterday:

Here is one I found interesting because it came from a Buffalo sportswriter. He thinks Dallas is making a mistake, and lists his reasons. This part I found funny.
Why would Jones expect great things from Phillips in his third go-round? Phillips is a proven mediocrity as a head coach. His supporters point to his 29-21 record with the Bills. I'm sorry, those teams were loaded. It didn't take a Vince Lombardi to produce a winning record.

Loaded? The QB choices were Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson. I repeat: Flutie or Johnson. By definition, your team wasn't loaded.


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