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OT: The greatness of Calvin Johnson

I'm going a little off-topic this morning. There's not a whole lot of news coming out of Valley Ranch, except that Charlie Waters is bailing out of the radio booth after one year. So I decided to share a little humor about my favorite football player in the world, Calvin Johnson. Regular readers know I'm a Georgia Tech graduate and follow Yellow Jackets football with a passion - even though Chan Gailey is the coach. Sorry, cheap shot on Chan, who has done a brilliant job recruiting, and a mediocre job on the field. My biggest complaint is the fact that he wasted the Calvin Johnson Era at GT. QB Reggie Ball couldn't hit water falling out of a boat, let alone throw accurate passes to CJ. What Ball could do is show off CJ's amazing abilities by throwing wildly inaccurate passes that CJ would somehow catch.

Tampa Bay Buc fans are salivating at the thought of drafting CJ. They've dedicated a thread on a bulletin board to CJ's greatness, which I found over at the Georgia Tech Sports Blog - the blog that inspired me to create the original Blogging The Boys.

Here are some recent measurables CJ put up while working out with his trainer in anticipation of the Scouting Combine.

Johnson was clocked at 4.33 in the 40, recorded an 11-foot standing broad jump and had a vertical leap of 43 inches.

The guy is 6' 4", 235 lbs., runs like a deer, has amazing body control, and has excellent hands. Plus, he's the anti-diva WR. He never had a bad word to say when Reggie Ball was throwing passes to fans in the 3rd row, or when the Tech offense forgot about him for long stretches of games. Check out his humanitarian work in this article.
When given a choice this summer between helping out with designs for environmentally friendly luxury condos less than a mile away from campus and designing and building solar latrines to improve sanitation in Bolivia, Georgia Tech All-American wide receiver Calvin Johnson chose the latrine project without hesitation.

Now, back to the point of this post, besides my undying hero worship of Calvin Johnson. Here's what the Tampa Bay fans are saying about Calvin.

*    The reason Jimmy Hoffa is buried under Giants Stadium is because he tried to play defense against CJ.
*    CJ is the only known living human to survive a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face.
*    When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into the Incredible Hulk. When the Incredible Hulk gets mad, he turns into Calvin Johnson.
*    Calvin Johnson has counted to infinity-twice.
*    Calvin Johnson ordered a Big Mac at Burger King......and got one.
*    Pigs line up to be made into footballs in hopes that one day Calvin Johnson will catch them.
*    Calvin Johnson is allowed to talk about Fight Club.
*    Calvin Johnson can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.
*    Calvin Johnson is the only person ever to successfully divide by zero.

Here are some video highlights of CJ.

OK, I'll now go back to the regularly scheduled Cowboys blog programming.

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