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Finishing out the coaching staff

Over at the DMN they are speculating that Paul Chryst will be our new QB coach.

Dallas is close to a deal with Wisconsin offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Paul Chryst to become quarterbacks coach. Chryst interviewed Wednesday.

If that happens, then we'll have these positions still open.

Offensive coordinator - This looks to be Jason Garrett's job considering the other offensive coaching positions are filled. He'll get the title unless Wade pulls a Tuna and decides not to name one. The question is still the amount of responsibility they place in Garrett.

Defensive coordinator - The only two names I've seen are Todd Bowles and Chargers secondary coach Brian Stewart. Stewart has the Phillips' connection from San Diego, but most of the talk is that Bowles will be elevated to DC.

Special teams coach - Your guess is as good as mine. I guess they could do the family thing and hire Joe Avezzano.

Secondary coach - If someone besides Bowles is named as DC, then Bowles remains in his old spot. If Bowles is elevated, then I don't know who it is.

Is Jerry Jones softening his guarantee that Terrell Owens will be back? That's all the rage this morning after Jerry said this:

Jones said he was enthusiastic about Owens' phone call to Wade Phillips, the new coach who made a point last week during his introductory news conference to refer to the receiver by name.

"I am, of course I am," Jones said. "We've got some decisions to make, but still, I'm enthusiastic about it."


"He's part of our team, that's what I'm saying," Jones said. "I don't want the play on the words to look one way or another. We are evaluating everybody, but still, my plans are for him to be back."

It still sounds like Jerry wants Owens back, but when he answered the same question last month on whether Owens would be a Cowboy this season, he said emphatically yes and got testy with the press for even thinking Owens wouldn't be back. I still think he'll be back, but I'm starting to wonder now, Jerry doesn't seem so insistent.

But Jerry also said this about Owens, so I wouldn't put too much stock in the idea that Owens will be released.

"We've got a chance to take players like Terry Glenn, who (new receivers coach Ray) Sherman coached, take a player like Terrell Owens, and really work to maximize their individual skills," Jones said. "I know that's Wade's philosophy in general about players, don't let the scheme keep you from using the player and let him do what he does the best."

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