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What's delaying the Cowboys from finishing coaching staff?

Last week, we were told that Wade Phillips hoped to complete his coaching staff by the end of the week. Here we are into next week and we still don't have an official offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coach and a secondary coach - and QB coach although they have a likely candidate for that spot. So what's going on?

The offensive coordinator is presumably Jason Garrett, but why are they waiting so long to make it official? The only reason I can think of is that they are still debating internally how they are going to break down the responsibilities between Garrett and last year's play-caller, Tony Sparano. I don't think it's a big deal, the kind where there is a rift between the two coaches, or that Jerry and Wade have opposing views on the situation that need to be worked out. It might be a case where they are just waiting to announce it when they announce the defensive coordinator.

Naming a DC is where it gets a little interesting. Reports have been stating since early on that Jerry wants to promote secondary coach Todd Bowles to the position. But that hasn't happened yet and I get the feeling - based on nothing more that wild speculation - that Phillips is waiting out the Chargers coaching search before the Cowboys make a choice. They can't name a secondary coach until they straighten out the DC position because of Bowles candidacy. If he was the sure thing at DC, they probably would've named him so already because they would need to hire a secondary coach. But they haven't done that yet which leads me to believe that Phillips may be waiting on one, or possibly two men, to decide their future.

Brian Stewart is currently the Chargers secondary coach who worked under Phillips. A San Diego paper reported last week that when the Chargers hire a new head coach Stewart would ask not to be retained so he could take the DC position in Dallas. So maybe Phillips is waiting for the new Chargers coach to be hired and the Stewart situation can be resolved.

Another named linked to the DC position, although very tentatively, is that of Ted Cottrell. Cottrell is a long-time DC in the NFL who is well-versed in the 3-4 defense, especially the Phillips 34 after coaching under Wade for a few years.

So are the Cowboys just waiting for the Chargers to hire a new head coach before they finish out their staff? I think so, because the news on the interview front has been very quiet out at Valley Ranch and the only reason I can think of for the delay is waiting for the smoke to clear in the Chargers hiring process.

We may not have to wait much longer, because it appears the Chargers have zeroed in on Norv Turner.  

The San Diego Chargers are leaning toward a new head coach and it's the man everyone thought was going to be head coach of Dallas. has learned that the Chargers are talking to Norv Turner as if they are looking to hire him as their head coach. Sources contend that Turner is leaning toward hiring Ted Cottrell, a long-time defensive NFL coach, to run the Chargers defense. Cottrell worked in the league office this past season but is one of the best minds in the league in running a 3-4 scheme.

Our old friend Norv might get a HC position anyway. Notice the speculation on hiring Ted Cottrell as the DC. Maybe if Turner would've suggested Cottrell as the DC in Dallas - a 3-4 guy - instead of Ron Rivera - a 4-3 guy - he may have gotten the spot in Dallas.

My guess is that once the Chargers settle on a head coach, the Cowboys can go ahead and finish their staff. Then again, there could be very legitimate reasons the Cowboys are delaying naming an OC, DC, and a secondary coach that have nothing to do with San Diego.

I left out the QB coach position because it's likely that Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst will get that spot.

Oh yeah, as for the special teams coach, I have no idea, so I'm thinking of sending in my application. I think I can sell them on my unique philosophy of trying onside kicks every time we kickoff. I'm going to test it out in Madden 07 this week.

Update [2007-2-19 11:41:50 by Grizz]: Just after posting this article, ESPN News reported that Norv Turner will be the next coach for the Chargers. So maybe all of this will get worked out in the next couple of days.

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