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Gurode wants to get paid

JJT reports that Andre Gurode is looking for the big money.

The Cowboys are trying to hard to reach a contract agreement with C Andre Gurode before the start of free agency, but unless they give him a deal that averages between $4.5 million and $5.5 million it's probably not going to happen. If he gets to free agency, the likelihood of a deal diminishes because more teams will get involved driving the price up, especially with most franchises have so much cap room available because of the new collective bargaining agreement. The Cowboys could opt to re-sign Al Johnson, a backup who shared the position with Gurode in 2005. Gurode is a power player, who does a good job against the massive nose tackles and defensive tackles who proliferate the NFL. Johnson weighs 305 pounds, but is not as powerful. He relies more on quickness, finesse and technique, though he does a better job of getting to the perimeter on sweeps and screens. . .

The Cowboys are somewhat in a bind here. Gurode definitely produced at center this year, and played better than backup Al Johnson did when he was the starter. But Gurode has only done it for one year. Now the Cowboys have to decide if he can continue to play at a high-level and reward him with a big-money, long-term contract or turn to Johnson - or someone else - to replace Gurode if they can't get a contract done. Just my opinion, but I would slightly over-pay to keep Gurode in the fold. Our line needs to develop some continuity, and having the same center again this year would be a big part of that. Still, $5 million a year sounds a bit high.

In the same article JJT mentions that MB3 might be in line for an expanded role. That may be true, so what would that mean for JJ? I don't think the Cowboys would think about moving him unless they could get a high pick in the draft. Over at, they are speculating on that scenario.

Julius Jones, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys
Jones stayed healthy for the entire season, which is a plus, but the brother of the Bears' Thomas Jones isn't quite the runner that Dallas needs, it seems. Second-string back Marion Barber is continually being heralded as the better and tougher runner, and the team may look to Barber as the soon-to-be starter. Barber averaged more than half a yard more per carry and had ten more touchdowns because of his ability to pick up tough yards. If Barber is going to be given the main workload, Jones could be dealt away to a team willing to take a chance on a decent back. A third round pick may do the trick, and Jones is still relatively young at just twenty-five. A team like the Carolina Panthers might prefer Jones over their current running back DeShaun Foster, depending on DeAngelo Williams' readiness.

They also speculate about Drew Bledsoe. But I doubt anybody would trade for him, more likely the Cowboys will just release him sometime soon. Unless Bledsoe decides that he can be a backup now in the NFL. If he's still searching for a starter's role, I think he'll end up disappointed in his prospects. Of course, he could decide to retire.

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