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Coaching news, maybe

Here's the problem with local media writers having their own blog. It's when you get comments like this from Calvin Watkins over at the DMN blog.

Jason Garrett, according to sources, will become the offensive coordinator.

But it's not determined if Tony Sparano will remain an assistant head coach. I doubt it since Phillips doesn't have a close relationship with him. Sparano called the plays last season and it appears Garrett will do that in 2007.

We can only wonder if Sparano is happy with all this.

Does Watkins have a source for the information about Sparano, or is that part just conjecture? He says a source gave him the information about Garrett, but doesn't make it clear if a source gave him the stuff about Sparano, or if he's just trying to connect the dots. I don't have any sources that most people don't have, so when you read my blog you know I'm just connecting the dots. But with a local writer, I want clarification - is this a source saying Sparano might not be back, or is Watkins just reading the tea leaves, or using the magic 8-ball? Whenever I ask the magic 8-ball to verify my articles before I post them, it always says "Reply hazy, try again."

I guess we'll see if Watkins is right in a day or two. If he is right and the Cowboys don't retain Sparano, they would be making a mistake. He did a good job last year and he's familiar with the offensive players. It would be nice to have at least one offensive coach from last year's staff, someone who knows the players in game situations, and knows their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, Jerry Jones denied permission to several teams who wanted to interview Sparano. Tossing him overboard now, so late in the game of musical chairs with NFL coaches, would be downright cruel. But it happens, check out Ron Rivera who's now the LB's coach in San Diego. There is one caveat, and that would be if Sparano wanted to leave because he is unhappy about being passed over. That would change everything.

For clarification, I like the DMN blog now without Mosley, and I like Calvin Watkins' posts, but I want to know if this is an opinion, or a sourced story.

More stuff from the DMN blog about possible coaches:

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips is interested in several San Diego assistants including Brian Stewart and John Pagano. Phillips was denied permission to speak with them before previous Chargers' coach Marty Schottenheimer was fired.

Now, Phillips could go after them again.

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