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Chargers holding up DC deal for Dallas

The Cowboys are holding tight, waiting for the Chargers to break.

Secondary coach Todd Bowles remains a possibility although the team is still trying to pry Brian Stewart away from San Diego to be the defensive coordinator.

The Cowboys have been denied permission to speak with Stewart, who is the Chargers secondary coach. And although the Chargers have stated that they plan to keep Stewart on staff, the recent of hiring of former Baylor defensive coordinator Bill Bradley as secondary coach has the Cowboys hopeful that their patience in waiting for Stewart might pay off.

I guess this gives you an idea of how strongly Wade Phillips feels about Stewart. Then again, he does have Todd Bowles to fall back on. But having a defensive coordinator on board who understands exactly what Phillips wants out of a defense would be a nice advantage. Getting the Phillips 34 instituted quickly at training camp is a priority. I wonder what's going on with the Chargers. They hired another secondary coach so why aren't they letting Stewart go? They know Stewart wants to leave, they have someone to cover his position as secondary coach and it's a guy who has worked with Ted Cottrell previously. What gives Norv - or should I say A.J. Smith? Let's get it done.

ESPN got out their calendar and circled late July for the start of the T.O. Show, the Second Season.

According to team trainers, Owens probably won't start catching passes until training camp in July.

That should be fun. The first time Owens can participate is at training camp. Ed Werder, start your engines, John Clayton, start you whining. Let the "finger watch" begin. Next, on ESPN - is T.O.'s finger causing the end of the Cowboys franchise, or is he just flipping us the bird. Tune in to SportsCenter for this story and more.

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