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John Clayton: Cowboys expected to make serious run at Leonard Davis

I was reading through a John Clayton article about superfreak-athlete Calvin Johnson. After I got through the legend of the borrowed shoes and the fact that when he did a vertical-jump test last year, he out-jumped the device that was supposed to measure it, which only went to 45 inches, I came across this item.

The Cowboys could emerge as the lead team for Cardinals left tackle Leonard Davis. The Cardinals decided not to franchise Davis and will let him hit the market. The 49ers and Cowboys are expected to be the teams that are the most interested and many feel the Cowboys will be the winner.

Ok, since it's the second time in two days I`ve read about the Cowboys interest in Leonard Davis, I guess I've got to take it somewhat seriously. So what is the Cowboys thinking in this process? There could be a couple of answers. Obviously, if they are having trouble with the demands of Marc Colombo for a new contract, then the possibility of moving Davis to right tackle is there. They could also be considering the effectiveness of Flozell Adams long-term and seeking candidates to possibly replace him down the road. But that could only happen if Davis isn't asking for a ridiculous amount of money because the Cowboys can't lay out starter's money for Davis if they have no plans to start him. So my guess is they are trying to figure out how much Davis wants, and comparing that to how much Colombo wants.

There's a theory about Davis that he might be better suited to right tackle, where he won't face a high caliber pass-rusher - who usually possesses a devastating speed rush - as often. So my guess is they are getting an idea of what kind of money Davis wants, and seeing if that fits into their plans. As for Davis the player, in some ways he's similar to our own Flozell. Both have the physical size and tools to dominate at their position, but are too often inconsistent and people question their motivation. In addition, both can be beaten by the speed rush.

Update [2007-2-26 14:45:34 by Grizz]: Several readers have noted below a possibility I didn't address in the above post - the possibility of moving Davis inside to guard. Maybe so, because of his height and size I tend to think of him as a natural tackle, but maybe inside would hide some of his weaknesses. It's a valid point.

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