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Cowboys to name Brian Stewart defensive coordinator

From the DMN:

The Cowboys are expected to name Brian Stewart as their new defensive coordinator, multiple sources said Sunday night. An announcement could be made as soon as today


Stewart beat out Todd Bowles, who will remain as the Cowboys secondary coach.

Stewart and Bowles spoke Sunday night about the Cowboys' defensive personnel.

Finally, let's put this thing to bed and move on. Free agency is right around the corner.

Jerry Jones talked a little about free agency - mainly about signing our own - in a conversation with Todd Archer. He said they're working on Marc Colombo, and even though Tony Romo is not a free agent, they have discussed extending his contract. He also answered some obligatory Terrell Owens questions and commented that he learned some important things from Bill Parcells that he will continue to use even after the Tuna's departure.

But here is what I was most interested in hearing:

On Marco Rivera's rehab impacting the draft and/or free agency: I've recognized that we've got to look to our right guard situation and see how we handle it knowing Rivera is compromised here to some degree. ... Right now it's hard to [count on him], but that's not a decision I've made, and it's not just mine. It is Rivera's.

Maybe I'm reading too much into that but Jerry sounds less than confident that Rivera will be back. Jerry may use the injury as an excuse to release Rivera or nudge him into retirement - notice the comment about it being Rivera's decision, too. Either way, he basically said they can't count on him right now, which makes me think they are executing a plan to replace him. Of course, I've been begging for a change at RG since the end of the season, so maybe it's just wishful thinking.

He's also counting on Greg Ellis' full return, and if you're thinking we might be going after a WR early in the draft, think again.

On adding a receiver: Receiver is not an area of need for us. It may be our best position. If we have the opportunity in the draft to really get a good value there, I wouldn't rule that out.

And by the way, if you just happen to be a NFL prospect stuck in Dallas due to weather, be sure to hitch a ride on Double J Airlines.

Poor weather kept draft prospects Dashon Goldson from Washington and Syracuse's Tanard Jackson in Dallas unable to get to Indianapolis until Jerry Jones came to the rescue.

The Cowboys' owner and general manager had his plane, which was scheduled to leave Dallas for Indianapolis anyway to pick up some assistant coaches, fly Goldson and Jackson to town so they could work out.

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