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There's not much going on right now, the combine is over and we have a little over 24 hours until free agency begins. We still don't know for sure - even though we think it's for sure - that Brian Stewart will be our new defensive coordinator. We're waiting on official word and we're waiting to hear if Todd Bowles will be the secondary coach. And we really have no clue how negotiations are going with Marc Colombo.

So conversation sake, let me throw a name out there for the draft that I've been following and see what people think. Let me set the stage first. I know we've drafted a defensive end in the 1st round, 3rd round and 4th round over the last couple of drafts, but we haven't gotten a lot of production out of them. Marcus Spears' play fell off dramatically over the course of last season to the point where I question whether he should be a starter. I know he's excited about the Phillips 34 defense and how that should put him in an attacking position and allow him to use his abilities better. Well, the proof is in the pudding, so just saying it doesn't make it so.

Chris Canty is the guy who I actually think will benefit more from the Phillips 34 but I can't be sure of that either. Jason Hatcher showed flashes of skill last year, but he's not a sure thing either. So I'm looking at guys who might be able to help there and Nebraska DE Adam Carriker comes to mind.

Carriker, who measured in as the biggest defensive end (6-foot-6, 296 pounds) in this class, continues to impress NFL teams with his combination of size, power and agility. On top of his impressive showing on the bench, Carriker ran the fastest short-shuttle time (4.18 seconds) of all the defensive ends despite weighing 20-30 pounds more than most of the others.

I also watched him at the Senior Bowl practices and he was doing serious damage. So my question is, have we invested too much already in defensive ends to pick another one in the 1st round, or do we need to get some help there because our starters have not lived up to their hype? Discuss.

JJT thinks Leonard Davis would play right guard if the Cowboys signed him.

Q: Rumor has it Dallas is one of the favorites to land Leonard Davis in free agency. What position would he play?

TAYLOR: I see him playing right guard once the Cowboys release Marco Rivera. Davis is at his best when he can put his hands on a player and the player can't use his speed as an asset, which is the case if he plays guard. You wouldn't want him playing right tackle against Jevon Kearse and Michael Strahan four times a year.

Mickey Spags has a lengthy and rambling article about free agents and stuff. I guess his central point is that Dallas spent a lot of "free agent" money last season when they re-signed a bunch of their own players like Roy and Bradie. I can't be sure though, Mick's article could've used an editor.

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