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Mat McBriar signs new deal with Cowboys

Gurode gets paid, now McBriar gets paid.

The Cowboys and Pro Bowl punter Mat McBriar have agreed to a five-year deal worth close to $8.5 million, including a $2.5 million signing bonus.

It is believed to be the largest signing bonus ever given to an NFL punter.

Nice job, even though things are getting outrageously expensive with the expanded salary cap. I can't wait to see the price tags on some of the free agent deals over the next week.

But it's a good day for Cowboy fans; McBriar is a weapon in the kicking game.

Hat tip to dunkman and TKM31986 who both posted diaries on the subject. And a coveted double hat tip to dunkman for cracking me up by labeling his diary "Hat Tip!" instead of McBriar re-signed. Too funny.

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