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Owens, McNabb and Singletary

The Big Lead, which is an excellent general sports blog, had someone at Shaq's Super Bowl party and reports that the Owens/McNabb feud is over. We pick up the story as Terrell Owens is about to leave the party, and Donovan McNabb had just arrived.

At this point, somebody in Owens' crew told the Cowboys receiver that McNabb had entered. They began to make their way over to McNabb.

After a few minutes, the bodyguards cleared a path, and Owens and McNabb shared a handshake, followed by a brief hug, and then a final handshake. There were some words exchanged - one can only imagine - and that was it. Feud over in less than 90 seconds. A few folks tried to snap photos, but the bodyguards quickly put the kibosh on that. Did see a few camera phones capture the moment, so hopefully somebody will send in a picture.

I need to see that picture.

Over at the DFW S-T, here's a pitch for Mike Singletary as the next Dallas Cowboys head coach.

Mike Singletary is the guy who could be the Cowboys' version of Avery Johnson.

Singletary could be the first coach Terrell Owens can trust and relate to on a personal level. You hear nothing but good things about the native Texan from people at his current job with the 49ers.

That's an interesting thought because the conventional wisdom is that Owens and Singletary might have a hard time co-existing. But the article points out that Singletary is renowned for his skill in relating to players. Then again, Owens is no average player or personality. It would be an interesting dynamic to watch.

Also, Singletary might be expected to take more of a CEO approach to the team, instead of micro-managing. Jerome Bettis was asked how the Steelers finally won their Super Bowl under Bill Cowher.

"Bill just let the guys [coordinators] coach," he said. "... That was really it."

There is some belief that the big reason the Cowboys didn't win more under Bill Parcells is because he tried to control everything.

I think Singletary could be the fresh face Jones needs.

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