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Cowboys to interview two more candidates

Jerry Jones has announced that the head coach will be named during the first part of next week. But before that happens, there are going to be a couple more interviews.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Saturday that he was waiting to interview two more candidates before naming a head coach. League rules prevent him from saying who those coaches are.

He's widely expected to interview Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and Colts assistant head coach Jim Caldwell.

"I have a leaning, but I want to try to be open-minded," Jones said.

We all know what way he's leaning, so I'll be praying that Rivera or Caldwell can somehow upset the apple cart.

There's all kind of coverage of Michael Irvin at the DMN and over at the DFW S-T. Those links should get you started but just fish around the sites for other articles, pictures and timelines. Mickey Spags also weighs in over at, as does Brad Sham.

Irvin actually made me see him in a different light after his press conference. You could tell he was deeply humbled by the honor, and his tributes to his family and his teammates, especially Troy Aikman, were touching. He thanked Jerry Jones for being something of a father-figure to him. I got the feeling he is truly sorry for the embarrassments he's had in his personal life.

As noted elsewhere, what was funny was his story about Norv Turner. He mentioned how each week he would bug Norv to get him the ball that week, and Norv would tell him to stop bothering him, he's not stupid, he's been throwing him the ball. The immediate thought in everybody's head was how that dynamic would work with a current Cowboys receiver who goes by his initials.

You couldn't help but see the writing on the wall in the green room when Irvin's name was announced. There, next to Jerry Jones was Norv Turner, celebrating and slapping hands. As Adam Schefter so aptly put it at the time, "I don't see Wade Phillips in there." I'm with you Adam, when I saw that picture it really started to hit me that Norv Turner will almost certainly be our next head coach, and I'm dreading it. I also noticed Jason "Red" Garrett was right there with them.

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