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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the day when we are officially presented with the notion that our team didn't measure up. Yeah, I know we've had that feeling for a month - or longer if you count the December Collapse - but today is the day that you dream about all offseason.

You want to wake up on Super Bowl Sunday and have your first thought be - besides I'm drooling on my pillow again - that the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl. I want that extremely nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that only gets bigger as the day progresses. I want to watch eight hours of non-stop pre-game show to absorb every little bit of information I can, but it's really just so I can continuously hear those sweet words "In this Super Bowl the Cowboys need to..." That's what it's all about, that's why we live through all those ups-and-downs, that's why you lift all those weights in the offseason. Oops, I just slipped into Parcells' mode for a second.

But, alas, it wasn't to be, again! That victory over the Steelers in the 90's is getting farther and farther away.

If you want to get some last minute information on today's contestants, there are only two places to go: Stampede Blue for the Colts, where our good friend - and sometime sparring partner BigBlueShoe - discusses all things Colts. On the other side, WindyCityGridiron - manned by the always excellent WCG - talks about Da Bears.

The Houston Chronicle drops this nugget into an article in a very casual manner.

Word is that Norv Turner, who is the leading candidate to become the next Cowboys coach, doesn't want receiver Terrell Owens if he replaces Bill Parcells.

If the Cowboys dump Owens in March, they'll save about $6.5 million on the salary cap. Surely, they can put that kind of cap space to better use.

Umm...can I get a source on this? And what did he really say? Was it something like: I'd rather not have Terrell Owens, but if it's a requirement to get the head coaching job, then I love me some me...err...I mean T.O.

Dr. Z talks Hall of Fame voting. How heated was the debate on Michael Irvin?

Dr. Z: Very heated. I think some people just didn't like him. But for me, it was just too logical that he belonged in. He was the do-it-all receiver for a three-time champion. He could catch anything. He was a leader who helped get the team to work hard. He blocked. He was tough. And he never had any help at the other receiver position. Maybe his numbers weren't as big as some others, but the Cowboys had Emmitt Smith, so of course they weren't going to throw that much.

Dr. Z - I think some people just didn't like him.

You think?

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