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Jerry Jones hints on next head coach, defensive coordinator

Jerry Jones drops some clues about what he's looking for in his next coach.

Jones said the development of quarterback Tony Romo will play a big part in his decision. He said he spoke with Hall of Famer Roger Staubach about the development of a quarterback for two hours Saturday.

"Obviously we think [Romo's] got a chance," Jones said. "We think a lot of Tony. We think a lot of him as a person. We like the way he got here, so his development is a big part of this decision."

That smells like Norv Turner to me. If there's one thing I know Turner could do well is continue the development of Tony Romo.

Jones then talks defense.

Jones also added that the 3-4 defense the Cowboys used the last two seasons would not cause him to eliminate a coach or coordinator more familiar with the 4-3.

"You end up getting the same thing in the 3-4 that you get in the 4-3 at times," Jones said. "I can give you a good case why some of our personnel is better suited for the 4-3 right now."

That sounds like Jerry is flexible about the defense, and that the defensive coordinator doesn't need to be familiar with the 3-4. But can anybody tell me what the heck this line means? "You end up getting the same thing in the 3-4 that you get in the 4-3 at times."

I have no idea what he's talking about.

Jason Garrett loves him some Tony Romo.

"I'm a big fan of Tony Romo," [Jason] Garrett said. "I've actually known about him for a long time. Having played up in New York, Sean Payton was our offensive coordinator and they're both Eastern Illinois guys, and he talked about him for a while. Scratch golfer, the whole thing.

"Clearly, the first few years of his career, he did a great job of refining his skills so that when he got the opportunity to play, he was able to take advantage of it. He seems like a guy who loves football and is willing to work at it. I'm excited to get to work with him."

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