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All's quiet on the Western front

For some reason, I figured today would be a beehive of movement. I thought we'd be hearing about interviews being set, or interviews actually happening. I'm looking for the inside sources tracking where everybody is, who's talking to who, you know, the gossip mill in high swing. But...we're getting virtually nothing. Maybe everybody is still getting over their hangover, or maybe Jerry thought today would be a bad day for interviews, that the guys (Rivera, Caldwell) would be either to depressed or to jubilant to give a proper interview. Whatever the case, I've gotten nothing new.

So consider this an open thread for any rumor or information - no matter how unsubstantiated - that you've heard. Just tell us where you heard it.

It's never too early to start thinking about the next Super Bowl. Here are your odds, from a Las Vegas website.

San Diego Chargers 6-1
Indianapolis Colts 6-1
Chicago Bears 8-1
New England Patriots 8-1
Baltimore Ravens 12-1
Cincinnati Bengals 15-1
Dallas Cowboys 15-1
Denver Broncos 15-1
Philadelphia Eagles 15-1
Pittsburgh Steelers 15-1

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