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Interviews expected starting tomorrow

Nothing much new to report on the coaching search. Nick Eatman says tomorrow and Wednesday we should be interviewing Rivera and Caldwell.

The Cowboys are expected to interview Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and Colts assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell this week, possibly as early as Tuesday and Wednesday.

Both coaches reportedly flew back to their respective cities Monday following the Colts' 29-17 win over Chicago Sunday night in Miami.

Frank Luksa over at the DMN talks about the candidates. Since I'm still hoping for Wade Phillips, I'll post that section.

If Jones hired on the basis of NFL experience, prior success as a head coach and a defensive philosophy matching that already in place, he'd choose Wade Phillips. Phillips has 30 years in the pros, five as top banana at Buffalo (29-19) and Denver (16-16) that included three playoff (0-3) seasons. Add interim stints at New Orleans (1-3) and Atlanta (2-1) and Phillips emerges with a 48-39 record.

Phillips is a 3-4 devotee and as San Diego defensive coordinator fielded a more aggressive version than the Cowboys did last season. Wade's problem ... he'll be 60 in June. Age and longevity are negative factors to an owner who should be looking for youth and long-term staying power.

Actually, his age works for me, because it gives us time to groom Jason Garrett, to see if he's head coach material. After a few years if Phillips is so successful that you have to choose between keeping him or losing Garrett to another team, that's a dilemma I would take. If Phillips can't get the job done after a couple of years, maybe you have the answer already on staff.

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