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Rivera yes; Caldwell no?

Ed Werder reports, along with Todd Archer, that Ron Rivera is due in Dallas this afternoon to interview for the head coach position.

According to sources, the Cowboys obtained permission Tuesday morning from the Chicago Bears to interview defensive coordinator Ron Rivera for their head-coaching position.

A source close to the Chicago Bears said that Rivera is on his way to Dallas (barring weather issues, because it is snowing in Chicago right now) and is intending to interview with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Tuesday afternoon.

But Werder also reports that the Cowboys haven't made a request to interview Jim Caldwell and that it might not happen anyway.

Meanwhile, Tony Dungy told ESPN on Tuesday that the Cowboys have made no request for permission to interview Colts assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell.

A Colts source said that Caldwell would be unlikely to accept a position in Dallas, with Jason Garrett already hired to lead the offensive coaching staff, because Caldwell has no experience coaching with him.

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