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Rivera in Dallas and speaks to media

From the DMN blog, Ron Rivera speaks:

On why he should get the job: "Well, I think what I'm going to bring to this table is a young, enthusiastic football coach who's got a plan and ideas, a vision on how he wants to do things. I think in terms of building this team you start with playing defensive football, quality defensive football. Not that that didn't play it before, but just bring a style of football I've been involved with in my playing career and coaching career it fits very well with the personnel in place."

Does Rivera like the 3-4?: "Very much so. Because if you look at it, and you break [Dallas] down, how often did you see them in a four-man front? Second-and-long, third-down situations. So they've got guys they put in the 4-3 look in passing situations. I also think there's a place for the 3-4 or a version of the 3-4 that you can still use the talent that's around there and get them on the football field as well."

More Rivera from the DMN:

"There's a little bit of everything you can use, especially with talent," Rivera said. "If you got talent and these guys fit what you want to do, you should do it. I think a lot of times, guys get caught up in this it's the only thing I do and not use the talent around them. I think you waste the talent. So as you look at it and evaluate the players that you have, you got to make the scheme fit them as well. I think sometimes we do get caught up in it's all about us. But the truth of the matter is it's about the players."


"I really do believing in running the football, I think that's very important," Rivera said. "Why? Because if you run the football and run the football effectively, you help the quarterback."

I'm really starting to like Rivera. The Jim Caldwell interview is scheduled for tomorrow.

Then there's this story about Norv Turner's candidacy.

Sources told's Matt Mosley one of the holdups to Turner's candidacy is that he doesn't think Jason Garrett is ready to be an offensive coordinator. Garrett interviewed for the head coaching position almost two weeks ago, but he's been expected to become the offensive coordinator.

Jones would like for Garrett to take on some of the play-calling reponsibilities, but sources said Turner doesn't think he's ready. Turner is a fan of Garrett's, but may be leaning toward naming Cowboys assistant head coach/offensive line Tony Sparano the offensive coordinator and using Garrett in a different role.

Earlier in the interview process, Turner said he'd have no problem having Garrett on his staff. In fact, Turner tried getting Garrett on his staff in Oakland.

"That tells you a little something about how I feel about Jason," Turner said.

Also from the DMN blog - Andre Gurode is going to the Pro Bowl. Man that's a lot of Cowboys going to Hawaii. I guess it does pay to play in Dallas - if you got a Pro Bowl bonus in your contract.

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