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Dat Nguyen to return as coach?

Bill Parcells called him a football playing dude, now he might be a football coaching dude for the Cowboys.

Former Cowboys linebacker Dat Nguyen is talking to the Cowboys about joining the coaching staff, according to sources. Nguyen interviewed with the University of Houston about becoming an assistant coach a few weeks ago. If Nguyen, who played with the Cowboys from 1999 to 2005, is hired by the Cowboys it will occur after a head coach is hired.

The legends - Staubach and Aikman - talk about the coaching search and the Cowboys future in this article.

"There's enough talent now to have a good ending to this decade," Staubach said Monday. "This will be the first decade we haven't (won) in the playoffs if we don't do something ... there is talent on this team."


"I don't think [Jerry Jones] got the last one wrong. I feel that Bill Parcells did a great job," Aikman said. "I know where this organization was when he took over. And it was in total disarray. ... (Now) whoever steps into this job is taking over a playoff team that if they don't win in the playoffs, it's going to be viewed as a failure."

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