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Who is Leslie Frazier, and what's his connection to the Cowboys search?

Mickey Spags was on the radio and relayed this bit of news. If either Ron Rivera or Jim Caldwell were named head coach, both would want Leslie Frazier - the defensive backs coach and special assistant to the head coach in Indianapolis - as defensive coordinator. You can read a quick bio of Frazier at the Colts official site. The connection to Jim Caldwell is obvious, since they both are coaches in Indy.

Leslie Frazier enters his first season as special assistant to the head coach/defensive backs after serving as a defensive assistant with the Colts in 2005.  Frazier joined Indianapolis from Cincinnati, where he served for two seasons as defensive coordinator.

What's the connection with Ron Rivera?

Frazier served as defensive backs coach with Philadelphia from 1999-02.  Under Frazier's tutelage, DBs-Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor and Brian Dawkins played in the Pro Bowl following the 2002 season.  For Vincent, it was his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl nomination.

That was the same time that Rivera was linebackers coach in Philly. They were also teammates on the 80's Bears teams, where Frazier was a defensive back. Here's the twist, we've heard pretty consistently that if Dallas doesn't hire a defensive coordinator from the outside, like Rivera, then they want to promote Todd Bowles to the position. Is this going to affect Rivera's and Caldwell's potential candidacy?

Tim Cowlishaw isn't sold on Norv Turner.

But it's comical to see some of the fawning longtime members of the media are doing over Turner as if this is the offensive version of Bill Belichick coming to town.

The fact that Turner is a good guy and a familiar face and he returns phone calls has nothing to do with what kind of direction he might bring to a franchise that still needs plenty.

We know he was a successful coordinator here. We know how much credit Troy Aikman gives him for his development.

Pardon me for just a moment while I make a guess that a lot of coordinators would have made out all right with Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, Daryl Johnston and four linemen who ended up in Pro Bowls.

Maybe even 500 coordinators.

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