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Caldwell quotes

The Jim Caldwell interview is over; here are a few comments from Caldwell afterwards.

What do you bring to the table? "Well, for the most part, it's not something I think I can answer in a sound byte, because obviously this is a great, great place and certainly a great organization, had great tradition, and certainly a winning history and what we wanted to do is just to continue that, that's the most important thing. but just in terms of philosophy and players and how we go through that whole thing, it'd take me a little while longer to answer that question."

On Tony Romo: "He's a guy who has talent, certainly has ability. I haven't had an opportunity to study him closely, but the organization has and they feel good about him and we would be in position to help him progress. My experience over the last few years with a dynamic quarterback in Peyton Manning and also working with Brad Johnson down in Tampa, would help me relate to him, and give me a decent foundation and a direction that's needed."

Is it your time to become a head coach: "I think it will happen in due time. I'm not certain when that time is. It could be this year or next year or it could be two years down the road. I'm not quite certain when its going to happen, but Lord willing it will happen one day."

That should wrap it up, unless - heaven forbid - Jerry decides to go another round with some of the top candidates.  

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